Crucial competencies underpin our approach

We provide in-depth experience in the crucial disciplines of property development, law and finance respectively – a blend of expertise more commonly found in larger real estate companies. Having these capabilities enables us to efficiently originate deals, obtain appropriate financing and investment, secure complex planning consents and deliver projects to completion.

The Company has a proven ability to uncover under-recognised, off-market opportunities. This is one of the things we enjoy most; unlocking neglected potential to deliver useful returns and to bring vibrant new life to areas for communities to thrive in.

Cole Waterhouse consciously keeps its number of developments small, so these often significantly-sized projects gain the high levels of detail, attention and management they require and deserve.

Pictured: Greg, Rod and Damian at UCFB First Way Campus topping out

Our Expertise

The people and the knowledge you need

Everyone at Cole Waterhouse brings expertise and energy to our team. We believe the results are evident in our track record of delivering strong returns for investors, and innovative developments that improve lives and environments.



CEO Damian Flood’s property experience and knowledge within the industry allows him to consistently source and deliver off market transactions. The crucial element is making sure that detailed due diligence is followed in assessing each opportunity, to ensure that the potential is truly there and the proposition is viable and remunerative. Damian’s attention to detail, retention of project information and project management abilities are recognised and appreciated by those he works with.



Barrister-at-law Rod Priestley has extensive legal expertise, particularly in deal execution and completion. As Cole Waterhouse’s COO, Rod endeavours to make projects progress smoothly and efficiently from inception to completion for all concerned and seeks to ensure that any issues are resolved quickly and fairly.



Executive Director Greg Ritchie’s background is in institutional finance. His cross border experience in capital markets financing and transaction structuring provides Cole Waterhouse with access to global financing alternatives. Greg helps instil our rigorous institutional approach that is valued by large investors, banks and funds.



Brendan Flood is our chairman, and a ‘serial entrepreneur’ with a great deal of experience in property development. His energy and commitment dovetail with our three core competencies, and few people are as connected or as able and passionate about making opportunity work for all.


The institutional approach

At Cole Waterhouse our aim is to build the right development in the right place. Admittedly that’s a simplistic statement, but achieving the ideal result to the benefit of all interested parties is complex. It requires a well-defined, thorough approach to quality, channelled by vision, clarity and integrity.

So we’re professional and diligent in ways that support creativity and lateral thinking. We methodically plan to minimise risk and we care about the quality and impact of what we build.

At the outset, Cole Waterhouse conducts due diligence to assess each opportunity’s viability. When we seek capital for a specific project, we prepare a ‘memorandum of understanding’ that has all the relevant information required for a potential project shareholder to review.

Project shareholders remain fully informed throughout the process with quarterly or bi-annual shareholder updates.

The people and communities we work with are a prime concern, so we always make sure our plans are culturally sensitive to factors like local heritage and environment.

Ultimately, the institutional approach enables smooth progression of work; things stay on track, issues are dealt with quickly and the whole process of making it all happen is enjoyable and rewarding. And naturally, investors remain fully in the loop throughout.

It’s a way of working that everyone can buy-in to. Our leading architect, consultant and contractor partners are valued by us – consequently, they are truly part of the team and we are always grateful when they offer to go the extra mile for the project.

Pictured: Members of the Cole Waterhouse team on a site visit at No.1 Old Trafford

The Team

Our People

The Cole Waterhouse team blends youth, experience and expertise, working inside an entrepreneurial culture that supports free-thinking creativity.

Why Work With Us

6 Reasons

We believe in the value of collaboration and strive to partner with like-minded people who share our considered approach to investing as well as our values of integrity and responsibility. Choosing partners in business is always challenging and easier if you can discover a firm that approaches work in the same manner as you.

So in no particular order, the following is an overview of some of the things that are important to us:

We believe in aligning interests


We financially commit to the projects we develop.

We try to partner with like-minded people


Experience has convinced us that true partnership is a function of having important values in common; ours include investment integrity, transparency and responsibility. In a word, we aim to be institutional.

This thorough approach has resulted in a strong track record and solid returns for investors and partners, as evidenced by a consistent record of success.

We don’t take others’ input for granted


Our own list of achievements is a result of our partners’ commitment and trust; without them we wouldn’t be where we are today.

We believe in clarity and credibility


Succinct, credible, straight-forward – it’s how we interact with all our partners.

We’re fair-minded people to deal with


It’s a point of principle for us. UK and international clients, funders, investors, landowners, LAs, suppliers and communities can all depend on Cole Waterhouse to maintain highly professional, fair and personable relationships without exception.

We always strive to de-risk our projects


Cole Waterhouse applies the extensive development, legal and financial expertise at our disposal to de-risk projects at the earliest opportunity.

Corporate sustainability

Sustained sustainability

Being empowered to build the future is a privilege as we see it and one that comes with important responsibilities.

Prime among these is the need to maintain an unwavering focus on long term sustainability. It’s a commitment that is embedded in Cole Waterhouse developments as well as in all the ways in which we conduct our business.