Sustainability Policy 

At Cole Waterhouse we believe that our activities should have a positive effect on the environment, the community, our investors and our employees. Our aim is to operate and manage our business in a way that enables positive outcomes for the environment and for society, whilst generating business growth and long term financial returns. 

We are committed to: 

  • Complying with legislation, regulations and codes of practice. 
  • Developing sustainable projects including innovative energy positive developments with an experienced joint venture partner. 
  • Ensuring all employees are fully aware of our Sustainability Policy and are committed to delivering our goal. 
  • Encouraging our design partners to work towards reducing the impacts of whole-life cost and resource depletion. 
  • Encouraging our construction delivery partners to adopt sound sustainable management practices. 
  • Integrating long term sustainability solutions into everything we do. 

Our environmental, social and economic impacts are considered by focussing on these four areas and we undertake to: 


  • Encourage the efficient use of resources to reduce waste and maximise value. 
  • Ensure that we deliver sustainable projects that meet the present and future needs of the occupants. 


  • Work collaboratively through the planning and development process to involve the local communities to ensure that our projects maximise positive social outcomes and communities are better for knowing us. 
  • Support local and national charities that mean the most to us and will make a real difference to people’s lives. 


  • Continue to provide solid returns for our investors; these are underpinned by the values which we have in common, including investment integrity, transparency and responsibility. By working together we are able to regenerate overlooked urban places into exciting developments which transform neighbourhoods and create resilient assets. 


  • Create a place where our people can thrive, by maintaining a positive working environment of fair-minded people. 
  • Provide a healthy, safe, inclusive and creative working environment that respects equality and diversity and that supports people in reaching their ambitions and goals. 

This Policy has been approved and authorised by the Board and will be reviewed every 12 months.

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